Silas and Shaina's Wedding

The First Encounter
November 21, 1998

"Her Side"

Silas and I first met through a mutual friend, Jen Kirkman. I had just spent the weekend in Eastern Washington for a dual swim meet against Washington State University. It was a long bus ride back and all I wanted to do was go home, take a long hot shower, and go to bed. After all, it is hard to spend more than 24 hours with twenty girls.

After finally getting home and taking a shower, I received a call from Jen. She was having a little get together and wanted me to come over. I looked at the clock and immediately said "no." It was 11:00 pm and I was exhausted. I tried every excuse in the book, but Jen would not take no for an answer. Angrily, I drove over to her apartment and knocked on the door. Several people in unison instructed me to come in. Hesitantly, I opened the door and the only person I could see was Silas. I made direct eye contact with him and said to myself, "This is going to be a good night after all."

"His Side"

Ok, I admit it. I was slipping into a second year funk at Law School and rarely left my parents house. The problem I had on the night of November 21 was that I had finally ran out of things to do at home. Everything was clean, nothing was on TV, and it looked like the only thing left to do was homework. In other words, there was nothing to do. Then Jen called. Going over to her house was always a little exciting because you never knew what you would see.

Jen and many of her friends are into body piercing and tattoos. Not the kind of ornaments that I like to look at everyday, but a gathering at her house promised to be an exciting people watching event.

A few hours into the evening, Jen became excited because she had convinced her freshman year roommate to come over. I asked Jen who that was and she joked, "Silas you would probably like Shaina, she and I are exact opposites!" Jen explained that her and Shaina were good friends, but that they had not been good roommates because Shaina is studious and conservative and Jen is—let's just say Jen is Jen.

Shaina finally showed up, and I was impressed! Suddenly I was more interested in talking and interacting than just people watching...I knew that this was trouble...

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